Dish Annabelle Gurwitch

    Time For a Vacation!

I'm so excited about tonight's movie, "National Lampoon's Vacation," the first of a series of "National Lampoon" movies that were made. Beverly D'Angelo recently came to visit us - which was a huge thrill. She's one of my all time favorite actresses. I'm sure you remember that she was nominated for an Academy Award® for playing Patsy Cline in "A Coal Miner's Daughter." What everyone does not know, however, is that she did all her own singing. In fact, she is a singer in her own right, and performs all over the world.

Beverly is a lovely, gracious woman, and she told us lots of stories about making the first "National Lampoon" movie. They made the movie in the "National Lampoon" style, which is a mean sort of humor, but when they found out that it appealed to kids, they took lots of things out of the film. Beverly told us that originally the movie had a completely different ending, in which the family showed up at Wally's house. But they decided it wasn't mean enough, so instead they had the family show up at the park for the big confrontation. Beverly never in her wildest dreams expected the movie to become such a big hit, or so popular with kids. Anyway, it became a huge franchise and they still talk about another one every year.

Tonight we'll be cooking Road Trip Tri Trip, which I promise, you don't want to miss out on.

Anyway, I know you'll want to be sure to tune in. So please join us. I'll be waiting...


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